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Cao Cao VCV053

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In the late Eastern Han dynasty, the corrupted and downfallen kingdom fell into pieces. The eunuch and relatives of king on the side of his mother or wife were put into power, and the warlords fought among themselves, reducing the common people into a miserable state of being homeless and the social productive forces being terribly undermined.

This TV play series reveal how Cao Cao, a remarkable and ambitious politician and militarist in Chinese history, contributed to the consolidation of northern China, appointment of talents, development of productive forces, harmony among various nationalities and prosperity. of literature by putting an end to the separatist warlord domains, punishing tyrants and doing away with corruption. Meanwhile, the series also fathom the making of Cao Cao's nature and his twofold character by focusing on the vicissitudes of his military career, family, marriage and love story, etc.

34 Episodes, 5 DVDs, In Mandarin Chinese, Subtitled in Chinese and English. NTSC
Item: Cao Cao
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