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Forever Enthralled VCV068


Acclaimed Fifth Generation director Chen Kaige brings the tumultuous life of Peking Opera legend Mei Lanfang to the big screen in the highly anticipated biopic Forever Enthralled. The inspiration for Leslie Cheung's character in Chen Kaige's 1993 masterpiece Farewell My Concubine, Mei Lanfang was one of the greatest Peking Opera stars of modern China. An actor who specializes in female roles, he was renowned for his great beauty on stage and performed extensively around the world, famously introducing Peking Opera to Western audiences. Pulling viewers into a riveting world of musical allure and historical tumult in early 20th century China, Forever Enthralled follows Mei Lanfang's amazing, inevitable rise to fame - from his bold challenges against his teacher as a teenager, to his US tour that brought New York to its feet, and finally to his refusal to sing during the Japanese Occupation period. Portrayed in youth by newcomer Yu Shaoqun and in adulthood by Hong Kong star Leon Lai (Three), Mei Lanfang embodies the professional and emotional struggles of a man whose life belonged not to himself, but to the stage. Nominated for Best Film at the 3rd Asian Film Awards, Forever Enthralled is both sweepingly epic and beautifully detailed in its portrayal of Mei's life and love, caught between the call of the stage and the tides of history.


看点1: 陈凯歌翻身之作.巨资打造

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DVD, 146 Minutes, In Mandarin Chinese with Simplified Chinese subtitle
Item: Forever Enthralled
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