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Easy Chinese (2 DVDs) VVL067


This DVD course is ideal for all learners of Chinese, old or young. Even people with no previous exposure to Chinese will have fun learning!

  • The DVD disc contains lectures offered by Ms. Elyn Maclnnis, an advisor to CCTV's English language teaching program, Mr. Cui Song, a well-known bilingual language teaching program host, and Ms. Zhou Xiaohua, an expert in cross-cultural communication.
  • The course tells you how to communicate with the Chinese appropriately and how to solve problems of cultural differences.
  • The course teaches the most useful Chinese expressions which you can quickly pick up without spending time on complicated grammatical rules and the writing system.
  • The disc comes with a User's Guide handbook containing more than 100 commonly used Chinese sentences and more than 700 words and phrases, all of which appear in the textbook. Easy to carry around, the handbook may be used as a guide to basic Chinese conversation.
  • The accompanying textbook, audio disc is also available for purchase.

2 DVDs, 1 Handbook: 56 pages, Simplified Chinese characters, Pinyin & English, 5.4" x 3.95"
Item: Easy Chinese (2 DVDs)
Our Price:US$ 39.95
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