Bilingual FAQ

What’s a bilingual video tape?

Bilingual tapes can be played on any HiFi VCR's. No special function is required on HiFi VCR. Speaking language can be switched back and forth between Mandarin Chinese and English. Just set VCR on MoNo for Mandarin; and set VCR on HiFi or LR for English. Subtitle is in Chinese only.

How does bilingual video tape work?

Every HiFi VCR is different. But, you can make it work on all HiFi VCR's. Look for the section talking about "audio output option" on the menu and the ways to select MoNo versus HiFi (or LR) by touching some remote button. For example, with our 3 year old $99 SHARP HiFi VCR, we hit "MENU" button on the remote, then go down the screen to choose "SETUP," then the MoNo and LR options shows up.

What is bilingual DVD?

Bilingual DVD's can be played on any DVD players. No special function is required on the players. Speaking language can be chosen between Mandarin and English; and can be switched back and forth at any time. Subtitle can be switched between Chinese and English at any time.

How does bilingual DVD work?

DVD player has a menu or top menu button on the remote. Hit that and look for the language option for speaking option; look for subtitle option for caption choses.