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My First Word Book (6 Books) BLB088


There are over 200 words for children to spot and learn in each of these delightfully illustrated books. Each word is brought to life with a friendly illustration and grouped into themes. Themes include animals, food, farm noises, and things that go. Please click here for each title description.


该系列将认知与英语结合,按照事物属性或者场景不同把单词分类,用生动活泼的插图描绘孩子眼中的事物,图文结合,帮助孩子形象记忆;书中除了大量事物性名词,还有适量动词与形容词,为孩子的英语表达积累丰富的词汇;不同主题之间适度的交叉融合,在帮助孩子加深记忆的同时,也有助于孩子理解各种事物之间的联系;书中附带的音频二维码,扫描可听取双语朗读,孩子可以练习听力,模仿发音,锻炼口语表达能力。 请点击查看分册介绍。

Book Titles :
My First Word Book about School 学校小百科
My First Word Book about Nature 自然小百科
My First Word Book about Me 我的生活小百科
My First Word Book about Food 食物小百科
First Word Book on the Farm 农场小百科
My First Word Book about Things That Go 交通工具小百科

Hardcover, Simplified Chinese characters and English, 20 pages/book, 10"x8.75"

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Item: My First Word Book (6 Books)
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