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Imperial Dragon Chop ACE006


This regal box set containing an imperial dragon chop is a lovely gift to give and receive.  Carved with the image of a flying dragon, this symbol of royalty will add a stamp of authencity and beauty to everything that you choose to decorate it with.  Comes in an elegant Chinese fabric set with ink. Please send us the Chinese name you wish to have carved (if you have one) via fax, mail or jpg file. If you don't have a Chinese name, ChinaSprout can help you get a MEANINGFUL Chinese name for FREE, if you wish. The chop can have maximum 3 Chinese characters. If you have more characters, we may choose different chops at additional charges. Please email us for more details. NOTE: Since these chops are customized made specially for you, you won't be able to return them after placing the order. To learn about Chinese Seal Carving, please visit the following pages: Seals and History of Chinese Seal Carving. The price is for a chop in Chinese characters only. If you would like to add English names on the chop, additional $10 will apply. It usually takes 4-5 weeks to deliver the chops.

Dragon Chop Box Set, Chop Size: 1.25"x1.25", 2.5" Height, Box Size: 3.25"x5"

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Item: Imperial Dragon Chop
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