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Money Tree Cushion Cover ADP045


This beautiful cushion cover is hand embroidered with money tree design on silk. Edged with a decorative border, this cushion will add a touch of elegance to any room in your home. Choose from red, pink, blue and green.

In East Asia, Pachira aquatica (Chinese: 馬拉巴栗; literally "Malabar chestnut") is often referred to as the "money tree" (發財樹 fāci sh). The name "money tree" seems to refer to a story of its origin, where a poor man prayed for money, found this "odd" plant, took it home as an omen, and made money selling plants grown from its seeds; Its particular meanings refer to good luck. Another meaning of the money plant tree is that it has an important role in maintaining the feng shui.

Silk/Rayon, 17.1"x17.5"
Item: Money Tree Cushion Cover
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