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Chinese Abacus Wood Toy ADS108


This product is a new kid's toys, it allows your kid to learn the colors, simple numbers and operator symbols; practice addition and subtraction operations; understanding of the clock; practice kid's brain and hand coordination, let them to grow and gain progress when playing game. Ages 3 and up.

Game method:
-- Understand five colors, red, yellow, blue, green and white;
-- Exercise Number allocation of beads, a number of a call; then a head count of each color have a few beads; then count two, four, six for the number of practice groups;
-- Learn what the usage figures and +,-,=; learning the rules of addition and subtraction, and guide kid in simple addition and subtraction operations, for example, 2 beads call, dial 3 to rest, calculate the total number of.

Wood, 12"x2.75"x5", Box Size:12.25"x3.5"5.6"
Item: Chinese Abacus Wood Toy
Our Price:US$ 11.95
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