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Chinese Culture DIY Sets ADS168


These sets allow children to discover the beauty of Chinese culture. Each set contains craft materials, instructions, and tutorial videos. The collection covers 16 topics, including traditions, art, architecture, clothing, legends, holidays, Chinese minority culture, and more.

中华传统文化之美 精选十六类优秀传统文化内容的手工活动资源包。每个资源包包括16个手工材料包,包括民俗,玩具,工艺,绘画,建筑,服饰,器物,吸取,神话,节日,节气,山水,乐器,地域文化,民间表演,少数民族文化,全方位地展示中华的绚烂多姿。

Party Items, Box 11.25"x15"x4"
Item: Chinese Culture DIY Sets
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