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Chinese Holiday and DIY Project ADS188


By bringing together books on Chinese Festivals with traditional Chinese celebratory hand crafts and DIY projects, children have an opportunity to not only see and hear but to also experience Chinese culture first-hand. The series of 7 picture books is based on 7 traditional Chinese Festivals and focuses on virtues such as patriotism, friendliness, helpfulness, and filial piety. Through the use of fairytales and nearly 100 exquisite illustrations, traditional Chinese culture is presented in an intriguing and contemporary manner. At the end of each book there is relevant historical information, related classical poems, and folk sayings. The 17 pieces of hand crafts and DIY projects include a dragon dance puppet, a folding lantern, an ornamental firecracker, a couplet, a sign with the Blessing character, a New Years picture, and red envelopes.



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Book Titles:
Chinese New Year 《春节:小门神斗年兽》
Lantern Festival 《元宵节:灯女的灯种子》
Ching Ming Festival 《清明节:笔袋里的外公》
Dragon Boat Festival 《端午节:寻找记忆的小粽子》
Qixi Festival 《七夕节:变成喜鹊的孩子》
Moon Festival《中秋节:小兔儿爷卖月饼》
Chongyang Festival 《重阳节:小菊仙做花糕》

7 Books: Paperback, Simplified Chinese Characters, 30 pages/book, 8.5"x 8.5", Box Size 13"x13.5"x1.7"
Item: Chinese Holiday and DIY Project
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