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12 Motivational Woodblock Stamp Set APD046


Use these newly designed motivational stamps with Chinese motives to boost your students and children’s interest in learning Chinese. Include Chinese characters and pinyin with tone marks. Package: 12 woodblock stamps and four different colors of ink pads per set. Available in simplified or traditional characters.

​​1. 你真棒!(Nǐ zhēn bang!) You are awesome! 
2. 讚! (Zàn!)    Like!    
3. 棒棒噠!(Bàng bàng da!) Amazing!
4. 你進步了!(Nǐ jìnbù le!) Big Improvement!
5. 好極了 (Hǎo jí le!)     Excellent!
6. 太棒了!(Tài bàng le) Fantastic!
7. 太好了!(Tài hǎo le!) Superb Work!
8. 加油! (Jiā yóu)     Add Fuel!
9. 再努力!(Zài nǔlì!)     Keep it Up!
10.再試一次!(Zài shì yí cì!)  Try Again!
11.請改正 (gǎi zhèng)    Please CorrectQǐng 
12.請完成 (Qǐng wánchéng)    Please Complete

12 Stamps, Character:2”x1 3/8”x15/16”
Item: 12 Motivational Woodblock Stamp Set
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