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Watercolor Paintings - Chinese Idiom and Life Proverb APW063


These two elegant paintings are painted on rice paper, in watercolors. The first painting "Realm in a Jar" is inspired the Chinese saying "Heaven and Earth in a Jar". It is a Chinese idiom derived from a story of the Yuntai Taoist Temple caretaker Zhang Shen from the Donghan Dynasty (25-220) who always carried a liquor vessel, and called a realm inside the jar the "Jar Heaven." Thus, people called him the "Jar Gentleman." Modern people use "A Realm in a Jar" to describe a Taoist heaven, or a realm that is beyond the dusty everyday world. If we can change our rigid ordinary mentalities, then maybe we can find ourselves in another realm, like the "Heaven and Earth in a Jar."

Another painting is inspired from the couplet which hang in the Qing dynasty emperor's room. "You Shu Zhen Fu Gui, Wu Shi Xiao Shen Xian" means reading is happy and the life is ease like immortal's. This life is an ideal pursuit of the ancient emperors. If there is no internal and external problems, they can enjoy the leisurely, well-read poetry and literature, sightseeing tour and so on.

Mounted and ready to frame, these pieces are lovely addition to any home decor. Choose from painting only or scroll painting. Price is for each painting.

Watercolor on Rice Paper, Mounted, Painting only: 15.6''x15.6'', Scroll painting: 28.75"x15.25"
Item: Watercolor Paintings - Chinese Idiom and Life Proverb
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