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Unmarried Aristocrat/Nine Chess ATG145


A Chinese solitaire board game that uses wooden playing pieces, also called wooden peg solitaire or Hi-Q in the western world, the game is said to have been originally created by Chinese politician and inventor Zhu Ge Liang (AD 181 - AD 234). The playing board has three rows of parallel holes, and two more sets of parallel rows at the top and bottom, which form a cross comprised of 33 holes. To play the game, players jump over and capture the red playing pieces until only one is left in the center of the board. Players can jump over another piece and into an open spot diagonally, vertically or horizontally. After a playing piece is jumped over, it is considered captured and is removed from the board. The game continues until there is only one piece remaining in the middle of the board or until no more moves can be made. Its compact size and self-play make this a great travel game or pre-dinner distraction for kids.

“九连棋” 游戏起源于英国土著部落的九人毛利舞,试一试你是否具有高人一等的超凡智慧,还等什么呢?我们期待你加入我们的九连棋。该游戏之所以叫“单身贵族” 顾名思义,这是一款经典的单人战略棋盘游戏。闲暇无聊时, 打遍天下无敌手时,您可以尝尝斗斗自己的智商。

Wood, 100 Game Pieces, Game Piece: 2"x1.25"x0.25", Box:7.2"x10.75"x1.5", Clean with a damp cloth only
Item: Unmarried Aristocrat/Nine Chess
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