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Chinese Character Domino ATG253


Learning Chinese can be fun too! If you are looking for an engaging and creative way to teach Chinese characters to your child, you may want to consider this Chinese Character Domino Set. It can be played on its own like Chinese scrabble or can supplement your teaching as a learning tool.

The domino set includes two wooden boards, 100 domino tiles that have a total of 200 Chinese characters on both sides and a bag to keep the domino tiles. On the wooden boards are various Chinese character radicals (偏旁部首) where you can combine with the Chinese character domino tiles to form more than 1000 Chinese words.

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Wood, 100 Pieces: 1.8"x1.3", 1.8"x1.1", 0.6"x0.6", Box Size: 10.25"x12.75"x2.1"
Item: Chinese Character Domino
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