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VocabuLearn Chinese Level 1 B301


VocabuLearn's new research-based format utilizes a carefully selected musical background to create an optimal learning state in which to acquire new foreign language vocabulary. Studies have shown that certain music styles prepare the brain to be more receptive to learning and to improve retention. VocabuLearn's expertly crafted music base was chosen by Don Campbell, internationally known educator, musician and author of the best-selling book, "The Mozart Effect." Over 1,500 commonly used words and expressions are presented in an audio flash card format, and native speakers provide authentic pronunciation. Unique bilingual format for learning Chinese or English. Includes: 2 90-minute stereo cassettes, 48-page wordlist with Pinyin phonetics.

Chinese/English, 2 Tapes (90 minutes) and book (48 pages), 5.2'' x 7.5''
Item: VocabuLearn Chinese Level 1
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