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The Beginner's Guide to Chinese Painting BAR113


This beginner series shows the amateur brush painters how to execute the intricacies of the Chinese brush painting, step-by-step. With hundreds of illustrations in beautiful color, and a wide selection of templates and styles, this is a must-have guide for those new to Chinese brush painting. 

Intoxicated by the traditional Chinese painting for so long but never think of one day you can handle the magical running brush? Learning Chinese Painting is the crash self-study course designed fort he amateur brush painter to execute the intricacies of Chinese brush painting like duck to water. Focusing on the flower-and-bird painting, one of the major genres of traditional Chinese painting, this series is further classified into more detailed four sub-genres, you can buy the whole set or the particular volumes of your favorite ones. The morphology part presents you the clear anatomy of the motifs, which is a must when you are doing your own creative painting. For each motif, you start with the parts and then progress to the composition, and the step-by-step exquisite illustrations are available as if you are watching a highly skillful instructor demonstrating the painting at the pace just for you to follow. The following examples are a chance for you to independently practice what you have learned. The highlight of the common mistakes serves as a pre-warning to help you avoid making the same mistakes without even being aware of it. Different styles and methods are suggested Sorand sampled to offer you diversified painting strategies. And this series also brings it home to you the cultural connotation embodied in the subjects to inspire you a better understanding.

Paperback, English, Birds and Insects: 56 pages, Flowers: 68 pages, Vegetables and Fruits: 60 pages, Plum Orchid Bamboo and Chrysanthemum: 64 pages, 11.25"x8.5"
Item: The Beginner's Guide to Chinese Painting
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