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Cloth art is one of the most striking forms of Chinese folk arts and crafts. Made of cloth and other materials, and incorporated with themes that reflect people's longing for a good life, the cloth items are made with techniques similar to those used for other forms of handiwork, yet they possess their own distinctive style. Methods of craftsmanship include cutting, sewing, cross-stitch, braiding, embroidery, pasting and applique. The brightly colored items come in a variety of shapes and styles. Lightweight and practical, they capture the simplicity of Chinese folk art. In ancient China, many items for daily use were made of cloth. These pieces are not only beautiful but also have artistic appeal and practical value. This book has a collection of over 200 photographs of cloth articles from Shandong, Shanxi and Shaanxi provinces, which should help familiarize readers with one of China s most popular traditional arts.

Table of Content:
Cloth Art in Dress and Accessories
- Dress
- Children's Nightcap/Cap
- Footwear
- Satchel
- Perfume Pouch
Cloth Art in Bedding
- Lion- or Tiger-shaped Pillow
- Ear-protecting Pillow
- Two Ends of a Pillow
Cloth Art in Furnishings
- Cloth Tiger
- Ornament
- Pendant Ornament
- Cloth Collage
- Others

Paperback, English, 115 pages, 9.5"x6.75"

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Item: Folk Cloth Articles
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