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China's National Treasures BAR148


China's National Treasures includes three books, Jades of Ancient China, Porcelain of Ancient China and Snuff Bottles in the Qing Dynasty. Among the numerous forms of cultural heritage exhibited in Chinese history, jade carving is definitely a unique art style. It is not only cultural evidence of the historical development of human beings, but also is an elegant and valuable artwork.

The history of Chinese pottery dates back to the early Neolithic Age (c. 10,000 - 4,000 years BP). Along with the exquisite products, China's technology of porcelain making was spreading worldwide as well in the 13th century. Today Chinese porcelain articles are favorite collections of either museums or private persons all over the world. A snuff bottle, as a snuff container, represents a unique variety of China ancient cultural relics. Each treasure is illustrated with beautiful photos of jade, porcelain and snuff bottles objects and detailed English introduction for each ancient object.

Book Titles:
Jades of Ancient China 中国古代玉器
Porcelain of Ancient China 中国古瓷器
Snuff Bottles in the Qing Dynasty 清代鼻烟壶

Paperback, English, 145-166 pages, 8.3"x8.3"
Item: China's National Treasures
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