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The Chinese Origami Paper: Folding for Year-Round Celebrations BAR165


Objects created by folding paper—this is what was popularized in Japan and known around the world as origami. But did you know that paper was invented more than 1900 years ago and the art of paper folding, better known as zhezhi, originated in ancient China? Thus, it is still a traditional folk art loved and practiced by Chinese people today.


In addition to the culture of zhezhi, this book introduces many basic techniques and over 20 step-by-step studies of flowers, animals and decorations for festivals, including a plum blossom, a narcissus, a lantern, steamed rice dumplings and a magpie. This book will show you how to fold these objects and understand the traditions of Chinese culture that are deeply rooted in them. Beginners can follow the detailed diagrams and illustrations, while those who are more advance can learn from the basic techniques to create their own masterpieces.

Watch your imagination take shape in clever and inspired forms with the art of Chinese paper folding!

By Chen Yuehua, Hardcover, English, 148 pages, 10.5"x7.5"
Item: The Chinese Origami Paper: Folding for Year-Round Celebrations
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