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Polymer Clay Chinese Style BAR188


Polymer clay can be transformed into a variety of objects, such as birds, animals, plants, and food. Have you ever tried to merge this western craft with Asian culture to explore another type of artistic aesthetics?

This book merges Western polymer clay making basics with Asian traditions to create practical, yet beautiful pieces of art for your home. In the chapters, you will find unique techniques, creative color combinations, innovative lessons, including stem glassware decoration, coaster, switch cover, and a cellphone stand, detailed instructions, and insights into Chinese culture!

The instructions along with illustrations of the lessons are easy to follow. Through this learning process involving art, you can even come to understand more about yourself—what you like, your strengths, and what you can achieve. This is a way to learn how to work and listen to yourself, and how to deal with your emotions. It's also an opportunity to stimulate your potential artistic power.

By Han Han, Hardcover, English, 132 pages, 10.5" x 7.5"
Item: Polymer Clay Chinese Style
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