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Slim Lines & Big World BAR197


Great for little ones to develop motor skills and creativity, the adorable books teach them how to trace and draw different lines and shapes. Filled with delightful pictures and topics relatable to young children, each book designs age-appropriate exercises for children to practice using pencils through drawing. Forty-eight cute stickers also come with the book.

兒童的隨便塗鴉看似簡單,但其實結合了精細動作、手眼協調、思考、想像等的多種複雜能力。《小線條大世界—運 筆遊戲書》配合兒童運筆能力發展,內文不單清晰簡潔、插圖鮮亮可愛,還配合兒童不同年齡的運筆能力階段,設計出不 同的運筆練習,為小孩的各種能力發展打下基礎。隨書還附送 48 張可愛貼紙。

Book Titles:
Friends 朋友篇
Game 遊戲篇
Life 生活篇
Growing Up 成長篇 

Paperback, Traditional Chinese characters, 71 pages/book, 7.48"x 10.26"
Item: Slim Lines & Big World
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