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Gateway To Chinese Culture BHT083


Have you ever wondered about the significance of the various vibrant festivals celebrated by the Chinese people every year, or why the Chinese eat with chopsticks? How did the intricate characters of their written language come to be? Ancient Chinese thinkers like Confucius and Sunzi have left their mark on the Chinese culture, but who were they? And of course, Chinese cuisine, available in Chinese restaurants all over the world, hardly needs an introduction! With a history going back some five thousand years and territories encompassing a vast geographical area across Asia, it is no wonder that the Chinese culture is such a kaleidascope of multifarious ethnicities and customs. Join us on a tour of the ancient and colorful Chinese culture in this part of the Montage Culture Series!

Great introduction to Chinese culture, both high (art, philosophy, history, literature) and popular (food, crafts, customs), with 10 pages of color photos, line drawings on every page.

Paperback, English, 192 pages, 8"x5"
Item: Gateway To Chinese Culture
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