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China Panorama Approaching Chinese 2 BLA005


This textbook is designed for the non-native Chinese language beginner. "China Panorama, Approaching Chinese 2" consists of 10 lessons, which are divided into three parts. The first two parts introduce new language items and combine them with corresponding practice opportunities. The third part is composed of reviews and exercises from the chapter: new words, pattern drills, comprehensive exercises, and pronunciation drills.  You can also learn about Chinese culture in the special section entitled "A Glimpse of Modern Chinese Culture." Once you have completed the three volume set of "China Panaroma", you will have a command of approximately 1,000 basic words, 200 sentence patterns and 3,000 commonly used sentences. You can also learn "China Panorama" through the audio cassettesVCD. and CD-Rom


  1. Personal Care and Entertainment
  2. Clothes Shopping
  3. Sports and Recreation
  4. Telephone Queries
  5. Directions
  6. Personal Interest 
  7. Gifts and Holidays
  8. Weather 
  9. Travel and General Interest
  10. Dining and Meals

Paperback, Simplified Chinese Characters, English & Pinyin, 298 Pages, 8.25'' x 11.25''
Item: China Panorama Approaching Chinese 2
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