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Nursery Thematic Cognitive Picture Books BLC056


Nursery Thematic Cognitive Picture Books is a set of five cognitive tool books. Each book covers different topics and contains important related words. Ages 4-8.

Magnificent Nature includes words related to gardening, farms, farmland and grassland, forest, ocean, beach and the coast and mountains. Kids will find a Little Red Riding Hood on many pages in this book.
Wonderful Body includes words related to family, the body, sensory, health, exercise, mood, and disease. Kids will find a little girl Emma and Anna and Hannah - a pair of identical twins in this book.
Castle and Knight includes words related to Medieval knights, castles and residents, servants and young nobles, and Medieval children. Kids will find a lot of things in this book.
Busy City includes words that are related to transportation, travel, arrival, shopping, leisure, construction, firefighters, and police. Kids will find a red balloon on many pages in this book.
A Warm Home includes words related to houses, rooms, gardens, housing construction, moving, water and electricity. Kids will find a parachutist on many pages in this book.

Paperback, Simplified Chinese characters, 61 pages/book, 9.05"x8.65"
Item: Nursery Thematic Cognitive Picture Books
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