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Explore Physics BLC1007


Solids, Liquids, Gases, and Plasma Explore physics in this early introduction to the states of matter, starring a goofy dog and his all-too-human family.
Zippy art and clear explanations introduce the basic characteristics of four states of matter and how they change from one state to another. Totally up-to-date, this book for elementary school children includes plasma, now covered in all curricula.
Straightforward text presents the facts and Raff's infographic illustrations demonstrate the science and tell a humorous story. There are hands-on activities, such as using a chocolate bar to demonstrate material consistency and using a balloon to prove gases have weight, to reinforce the learning. A glossary defines density, plasma, vapor, and more essential terms.
The Ups and Downs of Gravity Explore the ups and downs of gravity in this introduction to physical science by a trusted nonfiction team.
What happens to a ball when it rolls off a table? It falls to the floor. Why doesn't the ball keep rolling straight ahead or fly up off the table? The answer is gravity.
From density to inertia to free fall, David A. Adler skillfully explains how this invisible, but all too real force operates and what it means for our daily lives. Notable science experiments by Sir Isaac Newton and astronaut David R. Scott are covered. Also included are activities for kids to test at home and in the classroom. Anna Raff's bright and humorous artwork helps breakdown the concepts in a kid-friendly way. Vetted by a physicist, this fact-filled primer includes a glossary.


《万有引力 起起落落的奥秘》  当一个球滚出桌子的边缘,会怎么样?它会落到地上。为什么不会径直朝前滚去?为什么不会悬浮在空中或从桌子上飞起来呢?这是因为有万有引力!从牛顿定律到月球上的空气阻力实验,作者巧妙地解释了万有引力这种我们看不见,但可以处处感受到的力量是如何在现实世界中运作的。通过本书,小读者在理解万有引力概念的同时,还可以尝试一些很酷的实验

  • 知识的讲述生动有趣:如以巧克力块和巧克力碎解释物质与原子的关系;以棉花糖和石头为例解释密度对质量的影响,易于孩子理解。
  • 具有探究性学习属性:小读者可运用随手可及的材料,进行简易小实验,亲自推导得出物理概念,既学习了物理知识,又强化了动手能力。
  • 书后附专业的术语表:提炼书中重要物理知识,让孩子在理解的基础上学习理论知识,为课堂物理学习打好基础。

Book Titles:
Solids, Liquids, Gases, and Plasma 变身吧!物质
The Ups and Downs of Gravity 万有引力 起起落落的奥秘

By David A. Adler, Hardcover, Simplified Chinese Characters, 31-32 pages/book, 11.5"x8.8"
Item: Explore Physics
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