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North and South: A Tale of Two Hemispheres BLC1008


Get a fascinating global view of how the animal world adapts to the seasons with this simultaneous look at both Northern and Southern Hemispheres.
In January in the Scottish Highlands, a mountain hare is camouflaged from predators in its white winter coat, while in New Guinea, a bright-green tree python guards her eggs. Come March, a warm Arctic spring lures polar bears out from their den, while in Australia, newly hatched crocodiles go for their first swim inside their mother's jaws. When autumn comes to the north, monarch butterflies start migrating south, just as bar-tailed godwits set off from New Zealand to their breeding grounds on the Alaskan tundra. In a remarkable exploration of animals' lives, Sandra Morris's informative text and beautiful illustrations take readers through the months of the year in both the northern and southern parts of the globe, with an eye to how various species adapt to the changing seasons. Extensive end matter offers further descriptive facts about some twenty-five featured animals. 

一本独特的地球环境和动物书 一本唯美的野生动物图鉴 你能学到的要比“更多”还要更多。

是科普也是品格教育,是科普又是美学教育。细腻淡雅的画面结合“水彩 撒盐”的创新画法,使人在科普作品中获得审美享受。



By Sandra Morris, Hardcover, Simplified Chinese Characters, 32 pages, 11.5"x10.5"
Item: North and South: A Tale of Two Hemispheres
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