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365 Awesome Facts & Records about Nature BLC1013


These beautifully illustrated resources make learning fun as young readers acquire facts and absorb knowledge on a selection of diverse topics. By presenting information in an entertaining manner or in the form of amazing records, even difficult or remote subjects become more enticing. Each spread features four or five facts on a given topic, such as mammals, Ancient Rome, or space travel. A brief introductory text provides background information so that readers will fully understand the facts and records on the page. Each spread also has a Q&A box that provides additional information so that children can read together in groups or with a parent or teacher. Bursting with fun facts and information on every subject under the sun, these are reference books that all young readers will enjoy!


By Neil Morris, Hardcover, Simplified Chinese Characters, 165 pages, 11.5"x8.5"
Item: 365 Awesome Facts & Records about Nature
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