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A perfect selection for Common Core or STEM collections
Boy, Were We Wrong About the Weather!  Ancient Sumerian warriors used to think that lightning and thunder were caused by an angry weather god —boy, were they wrong! Even today once common ideas about how our weather and climate work are changing as new discoveries are being made. Kathleen V. Kudlinski and  Sebastià Serra team up to debunk old—and sometimes silly—myths about weather and to celebrate the pioneers that made meteorology the science it is today.
Boy, Were We Wrong About the Human Body! Long, long ago, ancient Egyptians thought that all of our ideas and personalities came from our hearts—boy, were they wrong! Debunking old (and sometimes silly) myths about the human body, this new addition to the Boy, Were We Wrong series shows how we discovered modern biology and medicine. From healing by applying leeches, to the ancient practice of acupuncture, to the discovery and study of DNA, this is the story of what we know about our bodies and how we still have lots to learn.
Boy, Were We Wrong About the Solar System! Some people used to think that Earth was smack-dab in the middle of the universe, with all the stars and planets held in the sky by giant glass balls. Boy, were they wrong! In this follow-up to the award-winning Boy, Were We Wrong About Dinosaurs!, Kathleen Kudlinski and John Rocco look at the mistakes, mishaps, and creativity that are part of scientific discovery. From the first humans wondering about the night sky to the demotion of Pluto to dwarf planet status, this book is an entertaining and informative look at how scientific theories change over time.
Boy, Were We Wrong About Dinosaurs! The ancient Chinese thought they were magical dragons. Scientists thought they could only float on water since they were so big. Boy, were they wrong! Even today, notions about dinosaurs are being revised as new discoveries are made. This lively book offers fascinating insight into how certain theories were formulated, and then how those theories were proved or disproved.



  即使是今天,随着新发现的不断涌现,我们对恐龙/太阳系/天气/人体的认识也要随时更新。知名童书作家凯思琳·V. 库德林斯基的文字严谨而不失幽默,凯迪克奖得主和纽伯瑞获奖作品插画家创作的插画或浓郁深邃或淡雅柔和,为我们梳理人类认识恐龙/太阳系/天气/人体的有趣历史,让我们了解到关于这四大主题的某些观点是如何形成的,又是如何被证明或推翻的。等你长大后,你可能会成为那个发现奥秘的科学家,让我们都惊叹:“我们对恐龙/太阳系/天气/人体的认识真的错了!”
《孩子,我们对天气的认识真的错了!》很久很久以前,人们认为惊雷和闪电是神在发怒,北极一直寒冷、沙漠和雨林则一直炎热……孩子,他们真的错了! 知名童书作家凯思琳 V. 库德林斯基用严谨而不失幽默的文字,插画家塞瓦斯蒂亚·塞拉以生动的卡通风格插画,共同揭示关于天气的古老——甚至是愚蠢的——观点,并致敬使“气象学”成为科学的先驱者们。即便是今天,随着新发现的不断涌现,曾经广为人知的关于天气和气候的种种观点,也在经历不断的改变。等你长大后,你可能会成为那个发现奥秘的科学家,让我们都惊叹:“我们对天气的认识真的错了!” 
《孩子,我们对太阳系的认识真的错了!》很久很久以前,人们以为地球从不转动,天上的万物围着地球转,火星人开凿了火星上的河道……孩子,他们真的错了!知名童书作家凯思琳·V.库德林斯基用简单幽默的文字,凯迪克大奖得主、插画家约翰·罗科用写实&沉浸感强的插画,共同聚焦太阳系发现过程中的错误、意外和创造力。 从人类初对夜空的好奇,到冥王星被降级为矮行星,本书提供了一个有趣的视角,让我们了解到关于太阳系的观点是如何随着时间的推移而发生变化的。等你长大后,你可能会成为那个发现奥秘的科学家或宇航员,让我们都惊叹:“我们对太阳系的认识真的错了!”
《 孩子,我们对恐龙的认识真的错了!》 很久很久以前,人们以为恐龙只能像蜥蜴一样爬行,所有的恐龙都是冷血动物……孩子,他们真的错了!即使是今天,随着新发现的不断涌现,我们对恐龙的认识也要随时更新。知名童书作家凯思琳·V. 库德林斯基用严谨而不失幽默的文字,插画家S.D.辛德勒用充满想象力的插画,共同讲述了恐龙这一经久不衰的热门话题,为我们提供了一个有趣的视角,让我们了解到某些关于恐龙的观点是如何形成的,以及它们是如何被证明或推翻的。等你长大后,你可能会成为那个发现奥秘的科学家,让我们都惊叹:“我们对恐龙的认识真的错了!”

Book Titles:
Boy, Were We Wrong About the Weather! 孩子,我们对天气的认识真的错了!
Boy, Were We Wrong About the Human Body! 孩子,我们对人体的认识真的错了!
Boy, Were We Wrong About the Solar System! 孩子,我们对太阳系的认识真的错了!
Boy, Were We Wrong About Dinosaurs! 孩子,我们对恐龙的认识真的错了!

By Kathleen V. Kudlinski, Illustrated by Sebastia Serra, S.D. Schindler, Debbie Tilley and John Rocco, Hardcover, Simplified Chinese characters, 32 pages/book, 8.25"x10.31"
Item: Boy, Were We Wrong About...
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