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Sam's Science BLC1029


Each Sam's Science book explores an aspect of science through a conversation between young Sam and his mum.
I Know How We Fight Germs In this book, Sam's cold prompts a discussion about germs.
I Know How My Cells Make Me Grow Sam and his mother talk about the different kind of cells in his body, how they grow, and how in doing so they help him grow, in a new addition to a clear, accurate science series.
I Know Why I Brush My Teeth Sam learns about his teeth and why it is important to keep them clean with regular brushing, in a fun new addition to a science series for young children. By the illustrator of Cows in the Kitchen.
I Know Where My Food Goes  In this book, Sam and his mum delve into the soupy gloopy realm of digestion.




Book Titles:
My Cells Make Me Grow 身体是如何打败细菌的?我知道!
I Know How We Fight Germs 细胞是如何成长的?我知道!
Why I Brush My Teeth 为什么要刷牙?我知道!
Where My Food Goes 食物都去哪儿了?我知道!

By Kate Rowan, Paperback, Simplified Chinese characters, 27 pages/book, 9.3"x8.5"
Item: Sam's Science
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