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The Children Fun English Learning Comic Series (3 Books) BLC105


This series consists of three books, each book contains fun comic stories, a unit, and specific topics. Children will learn English or Chinese words through the life-style learning method based employed in the comic scenes and dialogues. The series comes with one audio CD recorded by British and American voice actors. Book One "Who Farted Again" -- Children learn the vocabulary and dialogue pertaining to expressing emotions, feelings, and the body. Book Two "Oh, MY!" -- Children will learn about different life-styles and words that pertain to the weather, animals, vehicles, and much more. Book Three "All Because You!" -- Children will learn vocabulary words that allow them to converse with friends and family members as well as how to tell time and deal with money. The books are presented with fun comic book-like illustrations and easy-to-learn texts. Ages 4-12.

版权销售美、日、韩,获奖无数的超幽默绘本作家赖马,将自身学习英文的经验,以四格漫画的形式,让大家在轻松的情景下玩英文。英文学习的内容更配合了美国哈佛大学双语教育硕士、超过10年国内外教学与研究经验的幼教英文专业名师吴敏兰老师的编写,让整册内容寓教于乐,可玩可念、有趣又有深度。一套3册,每册除了有趣的四格漫画之外,更根据单元区分专门的主题,让孩子可同时随着已归纳的主题,学习大量相关单词,并随着每则漫画的情景与对话,学习生活式用法,加上英、美声音演员录制的英文朗读CD,还可边听边跟着练习正确的发音。 《小屁孩FUN英文01 又是谁在偷放屁》 -- 学习表达情绪、感觉,并认识和自己身体有关的词汇和对话。《小屁孩FUN英文02 我的妈呀》 -- 涵盖各行各业、天气、动物、交通工具,学习生活化英语。《小屁孩FUN英文03 都是因为你》 -- 从与朋友、亲人间相处和生活用语出发,到学习时间与金钱的用法。请参阅每本书的中文目录

Paperback, Simplified Chinese characters and English, 93 pages/books, 8.25"x5.75", 1 CD/set
Item: The Children Fun English Learning Comic Series (3 Books)
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