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Happy Life with Rollin Series BLC123


The Happy Life with Rollin Series consists of four picture books, Day, One Day in Store, One Day in Zoo, and One Day at Playground. These educational picture books are designed for 3-5 year old preschool children. The contents of the book deal with the everyday life of children, accompanied by vivid and lovely images. They will learn Pinyin and Chinese characters through the graphs, shapes, colors, and words. The series will help develop children's understanding of the Chinese language and improve intelligence. In Simplified Chinese characters and Pinyin. Ages 3-5.

开心学拼音,快乐认汉字!经典启蒙,专为3~5岁孩子设计,学龄前最佳认知图画书!知识完备,图片、汉字、拼音全方位认知; 趣味导学,贴近生活的各种具体情境,更能提起让孩子的兴趣; 全脑开发,通过图、形、色、字的综合体验,充分开发孩子的语言和智力,让他们可以从简单的词语拓展联想到一个完整的故事。《和罗林一起快乐生活》快乐认知系列全套四册,绘图清新可爱,围绕孩子们的日常生活,通过图画丛书来满足他们的好奇心。书中每一页根据不同的场景,罗列了非常丰富的素材,家长可以进一步引导孩子一起编故事,充分发挥孩子的想象力,并延伸到生活中其他同类型的东西进行归类认知,为他们以后的识字打下良好的基础。请参阅每本书的中文简介中文目录

Paperback, Simplified Chinese characters and Pinyin, 43 pages/book, 9"x7.85"
Item: Happy Life with Rollin Series
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