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Emotion and Manner Story Books BLC133


This series teaches children about emotions, intelligence, and manner building. Work Together teaches children about cooperation. In I Promised You they learn about the importance of keeping their promises. Be Yourself Happily helps children to be become self-aware and happy with who they are. In To Insist On A Moment children learn about persistence. We Will Find The Way teaches children about independence. In You Feel Warm I Will Feel Warm children learn about sharing. Don't Be Sad teaches children about caring, and in Bad Temper they learn about controlling their emotions. Ages 4-8. Traditional Chinese characters versions are available.

本系列关注幼儿情商教育,培养孩子生存智慧。这是一套将情结智商概念揉进了故事里的图画书,它有趣,好玩,实用。 有想尽办法要管住自己坏脾气的狮子里欧; 有满脑子都是好主意的小仓鼠;有在苹果树下坚守梦想的兔子塔塔;有半夜里逃出游乐园的木马米尼。一个高情商的孩子,不仅可爱可贵,同时,也更容易获得成功。哈佛大学著名心理学家提出:成功=20%的智商+80%的情商,也许,不是每一个父母都奢望孩子出人头地,但都希望自己的孩子积极、健康、快乐地成长!

Paperback, Simplified Chinese Characters, 22 pages/book, 8.75"x9.15"
Item: Emotion and Manner Story Books
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