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Little Daren Series BLC151


Little Daren Series includes ten books, the series contains topics, such as language, science, society, art, health and other fields, it can stimulate children's creativity and imagination, and helps them to have comprehensive development.


Book Titles:
Understanding the Community 认识社会
Essay Reading 美文朗读
Fun Connection 趣味连线
Safety Camp 安全营地
Story Game (Sun Volume) 故事游戏(太阳卷)
Story Game (Moon Volume) 故事游戏(月亮卷)
Story Game (Star volume) 故事游戏(星星卷)
Math Puzzle 益智数学
Painting Studio 启蒙画室
Super Search 超级搜索

Paperback, Simplified Chinese characters, 52 pages/book, 9"x8.25"
Item: Little Daren Series
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