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Go Spy Series BLC160


Go Spy Series is a set of six game books to develop young children's observation, concentration, cognitive and language skills. Each book is presented with colorful pictures depicting the various scenes of real life, it guides young children to explore nature and understand the world.

《GO SPY!认知找找看》是一套培养小宝宝观察力、专注力、认知力和语言表达能力的游戏书。书中一幅幅丰富多彩的画面将现实生活中的各个场景、人物百态展示在小宝宝眼前,引导小宝宝自主探索大自然,轻松认识世界万物。

Paperback, Simplified Chinese characters, 12 pages/book, 9.8"x10.25"
Item: Go Spy Series
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