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Little Philosopher Series BLC183


Little Philosopher Series includes three picture books, Mom Why Do I Exist, Daddy Why Do You Like Me and Grandpa Why I Can Not Do What I Want To Do. This set talks about one little boy Phil who always like to ask questions. He asks question to everyone on his way to look for the answers with his Teddy Bear. Ages 4-8. Please note the Paperback version is $7.95 each and the Hardcover version is $11.95 each. Get our Why Should I Go To School, Teacher? , Robert Is Angry and No, No! too!

小哲学家系列 包括3册图画书。这是一次接近启蒙儿童思想的童话旅行!跟所有的孩子一样,菲尔经常喜欢提问题,他跟他的毛毛熊佐福一起到处去寻找答案,一路上遇到谁他都会问一下。其中1册<<我为什么不能做想做的事?>>内容简介 -- 小菲尔正处在一个矛盾的时期,遵从外在规范的觉悟开始闪现,但是自我需求的诱惑依旧无法抗拒,他试图像大人一样做事,特别跃跃欲试于承担能力所不及的责任。像秋千那样放得开,拉得住像铁门和树那样有定力,像转盘和标牌那样履行职责,像小鱼那样懂得规避惩罚,像礴那样把拥有飞翔的翅膀仅作为浪漫的想象 通过与他们的对话,菲尔学会生动、积极地调控自己,渐渐把握自由和约束的平衡。

Book Titles:
Mom Why Do I Exist 妈妈我为什么存在
Daddy Why Do You Like Me 爸爸你为什么会喜欢我
Grandpa Why I Can Not Do What I Want To Do 爷爷我为什么不能做想做的事 

Hardcover or Paperback, Simplified Chinese characters, 26 pages/book, 7.75"x7.75"
Item: Little Philosopher Series
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