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The Fairies Tell Us Series BLC208


The Fairies Tell Us series take place in the land of fairies. The series consists of eight independent stories, each with its own fairy character and dealing with a separate value. At the same time, the different stories are interrelated in a chronological manner and the characters reappear. The illustrations capture the beautiful forest landscapes and the magical animals and fairies that live on the land. Each story presents a gently told lesson for boys and girls to learn about dealing with their friends and treating them considerately. Pages at the back of the book are devoted to fairy lore, facts about nature, and discussion points pertaining to the book's story. Written in simple Chinese text. For ages 4 and up.  For more details on each title click here.

大自然跟人类息息相关,作者把严肃的品德教跟自然教育结合为题,创作出画面清新的小仙子故事。<<小仙子跟你说>>系列的场景未美丽的森林,每本书以不同的仙子为主角,各有独立的故事,轻松带出不同的品德主题。书末附相关的品德小解说及大自然小知识,图文并茂 请参阅每本书的中文简介

Book Titles:
1.Responsibility 責任感
2.Sharing 慷慨
3.Solidarity 團結
4.Humility 謙遜
5.Self-esteem 自尊心
6.Compassion 同理心
7.Courage 勇敢
8.Gratitude 感恩

By Aleix Cabrera, Paperback, Traditional Chinese characters, 35 pages/book, 8.85"x9"
Item: The Fairies Tell Us Series
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