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Children's IQ Puzzle Game Books BLC230


Children's IQ Puzzle Game Books includes four fun game books. The books of <<Find the Difference>> and <<Look for>> help young children to develop their observed ability through finding the specific items in the rich scenes; the book <<Comparison>> helps to enhance children's memory ability through comparing the opposite things; the book <<Hide and Seek>> helps to improve children's thinking ability through finding the hidden items. Simple text and beautiful and vivid illustrations. Ages 2-6.

Book Titles:
Find the Difference 找不同
Comparison 比一比
Look for 找一找
Hide and Seek 躲猫猫

IQ亲子益智游戏书--找不同, 让儿童在丰富的场景中寻找指定的物品,以训练其敏锐的观察能力。
IQ亲子益智游戏书--比一比, 相反的事物再配以精美的插图,使抽象的概念形象化,以增强儿童记忆的能力。
IQ亲子益智游戏书--找一找, 让儿童在丰富的场景中寻找指定的物品,以训练其敏锐的观察能力。
IQ亲子益智游戏书--躲猫猫, 让儿童从纷繁的情景中找出躲藏的物品,以提高其动脑思考的能力。


Paperback, Simplified Chinese characters, 23 pages/book, 7.5"x8.45"
Item: Children's IQ Puzzle Game Books
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