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Planting Good Citizens BLC261


Planting Good Citizens is a highly educational picture-book series, with inspiring and interesting little stories. Planet Earth My Love teaches children about the environment, Past My Treasure is a love story that everybody can relate to, and I Buy shows children the importance of money. An MP3 in bilingual Chinese and English is included in the package as well as a booklet containing an English translation.

培养好公民系列是題材新穎、極具教育啟發的清新繪本. 所有的深奧,都來自於簡單,因而,簡單閱讀才顯出如此張力!《地球,我的小寶貝!》回到生命的初衷,以「簡單」、「輕鬆」的慢讀方式,來關愛我們周遭的環境。提倡「繪本沙龍」的閱讀新概念,輕讀,慢讀,深呼吸……《老東西,我的小寶貝!》是一本充滿愛和感性教養的故事書,透過書中可愛有趣的小故事,喚醒大朋友回憶過往美好的點滴,也教會小朋友珍視眼前每一寸所獲、留住每一分感動……《我,買東西!》教導孩子認識金錢、建立正確的價值觀,並且在消費的同時,懂得愛惜資源.


Book Titles:
Planet Earth My Love! 地球我的小寶貝!(培养地球好公民)
Past, My Treasure 老東西,我的小寶貝!(培养文化好公民)
I Buy!我,買東西!(培养消费好公民)

By Sylvie Girardet and Puig Rosado, Paperback, Traditional Chinese characters, 64 pages/book, 11"x8.25", 1 MP3
Item: Planting Good Citizens
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