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Little Fairy Stories Series BLC307


The "Little Fairy Stories" series includes 8 books: every book tells the story of a different little fairy character, and every story explains a different principle. These stories help children learn about important life lessons such as sharing, sympathy, self-esteem, gratitude, responsibility, modesty, bravery, and cooperation. The stories are set in a vivid, natural world, where everything, the fairies' houses, their clothes, all live and grow. These are books that children and families alike are sure to love!


Book Titles:
What Is Sharing 分享是什么
What Is Sympathy 同情心是什么
What Is Self-Esteem 自尊是什么
What Is Gratitude 感恩是什么
What Is Responsibility 责任感是什么
What Is Modesty 谦逊是什么
What Is Brave 勇敢是什么
What Is Cooperation 团结是什么

Paperback, Simplified Chinese Characters, 35 Pages/book, 9,6"x8.25"
Item: Little Fairy Stories Series
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