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I Feel The Growth (5 Books) BLC317


Expressing how we feel is a way of getting to know yourself better and therefore, is a sign of maturity. By reading these books in this series, which have been reviewed by a team of children psychologists, parents and teachers, your child will identify themselves with some of the characters. Each book in this series is a funny tale that children will enjoy reading. Each book describes a feeling and its’ opposite. The story begins in the real world with a problem, then goes into a world of fantasy where the answer lies for the character in the book to find, and finally ends back in the real world where the conflict is resolved. At the end of every book, there are some tips on how to overcome negative feelings. Please view more details on each title in Simplified Chinese characters.

随着孩子一点点的长 大,他们会发现自己会产生各种情感,有喜悦,有不快乐,有嫉妒,等等。孩子们虽然有这些感觉,但是他们还不一定会表达这些感觉,也许他们不知道这些感觉是 怎样产生的,有了这些感觉之后,又要怎样做呢?哪些感情是好的,哪些感情是会伤害自己或是别人的呢?《我的感觉•成长版》全套20本,每一本书一个小故事,讲解两种情感,针对孩子的各种情绪体验,让他们充分体验并了解自己的各种感觉。用最美的故事培养孩子的健全人格。图文并茂的童话故事,温馨的情商教育,画风新颖、立意创新、内容丰富,是满足儿童好奇心的趣味知识图书。详情请参阅每本书的中文简介.

Book Titles:
Red Volume
Purple Volume
Green Volume
Blue Volume

By Violeta Monreal, Paperback, Simplified Chinese Characters, 36 Pages/Book, 5.6"x8.25"
Item: I Feel The Growth (5 Books)
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