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Life Value Book Series BLC406


With a total of 12 books in this series, your child can learn more about each topic from their own point of view. Each topic fits the growing demand of the child's lives which is beneficial to stimulate their thinking and thought processes. Each book has pictures that are vividly drawn and provide humor for a fun reading experience.


Book Titles:
Where Did I Come From我是怎么来到这个世界的
Boys and Girls男孩和女孩
Skin Color从皮肤看自己
Cold Weather抵御寒冷
How Does All That Stuff Get Into Your Brain学习是怎么回事
Crazy About Painting为画画痴狂
The Writing Talent人人都有写作天赋
Born With Gift天生我才
Animals and Us人离不开动物
How Smart are Plants植物的智慧
Money and Dream钱和梦想
Global Warming担心全球变暖

Paperback, Simplified Chinese Characters, 44 pages/book, 10.6"x8"
Item: Life Value Book Series
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