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Pleasant Goat and Big Big Wolf-Science Storybooks BLC425


Pleasant Goat and Big Big Wolf are two of the most popular Chinese cartoon characters. After reading the interesting stories in this science series, your head will be filled with a bunch of question marks: Is there life on Mars? Do people have only one dream in one night? Will the rotation speed of the earth change? Answers to these questions can be found in the "Pleasant Goat's Knowledge Treasure Vault". Titles of this series include The Story of Mars, Magic Camera, Strange Circles on the Prairie, and Empty Earth. Each story consists of two puzzle games, which not only can exercise the mind, but also consolidate the knowledge acquired. Come and join Pleasant Goat and Big Big Wolf to explore the amazing world of science!


Book Titles:
The Story of Mars 火星奇花
Magic Camera 神奇照相机
Strange Circles on the Prairie 草原怪圈
Empty Earth 空心地球

Paperback, Simplified Chinese Characters and Pinyin, 128 pages/book, 7.5"x7.5"
Item: Pleasant Goat and Big Big Wolf-Science Storybooks
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