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Children's Good Behavior Book Series (10 Books) BLC444


It is very important for children to develop a healthy living habit in their early age because it provides them a solid foundation to pursuade a life-time happiness. Teachers and parents have the most indispensable role in raising the next generation and this book series 鼎hildren's Good Behavior Book Series" provide a good tool to reach this purpose. Price is for a set of 10 books.

 主要内容:哇!天亮了覧 起床后应该说什么覧饭前、饭后应该说什么覧上学前应该说什么覧到了学校应该说什么覧 老师点名的时候要说到迫对不起和谢谢覧在日常生活中,要常说请迫再见和我回来了覧客人来时应该说什么覧 出去玩之前应该说什么覧怎么接电话覧怎么打电话覧 睡觉前应该说什么覧其他的问候语覧 遇到这些情形应该怎么做覧 给老师和父母的话

Book Titles
Greeting 我会打招呼
Look After Yourself 我会照顾自己
Bring My Thing 我会记得带东西
Follow the Rule 我会守规矩
Cleaning 我会打扫卫生
Watch Out on The Road 我会小心过马路
Table Manner 我会注意餐桌礼貌
Play Around With Little Friends 我喜欢和小朋友一起玩
I Like Travel 我喜欢郊游活动
I Like Nature 我喜欢大自然

Paperback or Hardcover, Simplified Chinese Characters, 40 pages/book, 8.5"x11.25"
Item: Children's Good Behavior Book Series (10 Books)
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