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Fairytale Picture Book Series-Safe Island(10 Books) BLC457


Fairytale Picture Book Series - Safe Island consists of 10 books. This series enables its young readers to learn about safe measures and how to face dangerous situations calmly through captivating stories and vivid pictures.


Book Titles:
Lost Little Piggie 走丢了的哼哼猪
Dangerous Holes 危险的洞洞
Uneatable Chocolate 不能吃的巧克力
Still Elevator 走不动的电梯
Shaky House 摇摇晃晃的房子
Soundless Fiirecracker 响不了的爆竹
Thunder that Bites 会咬人的雷电
Hidden Fire 藏起来的火苗
Amazing Crosswalk 奇妙的斑马线
Little Fox Loves Eating 贪吃的小狐狸

Paperback, Simplified Chinese Characters, 22 pages/book, 5.5"x8.3"
Item: Fairytale Picture Book Series-Safe Island(10 Books)
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