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Children's Personality Development Picture Book (10 Books) BLC469


Children's Personality Development Picture Book is a collection of 10 books designed to enhance the reader's ability to solve problems and to develop his or her Adversity Quotient. Through imaginative stories and colorful pictures, the books guide children through some of the more important lessons in early life.


Book Titles:
What Happened to Goat 山羊老师是怎么回事覧如何面对忽视和冷落
Not Funny at All 一点儿也不好玩覧如何面对欺负和嘲弄
Naughty Boy 捣蛋鬼不捣蛋了覧如何面对误解和委屈
Great Wish 了不起的愿望覧如何面对拒绝
Bad Luck 坏运气跟屁虫覧如何面对错误
Different Ears 不一样的耳朵覧如何面对批评
Their Secret 他们的秘密覧如何面对怯场
Depression 令人沮丧的事儿覧如何面对失败
Popular Yellow Dress 街上流行黄裙子覧如何面对攀比
Best Friend 最好的朋友覧如何面对分歧

Paperback, Simplified Chinese Characters, 24 pages/book, 7"x7.5"
Item: Children's Personality Development Picture Book (10 Books)
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