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I Love To Go To Kindergarten BLC490


I Love to Go to Kindergarten is a set of books designed to guide children through early childhood and teach them some helpful lessons. Children will be able to develop cognitive thinking ability and discipline. Recommended for children between ages of 3-6.

孩子要上幼儿园了,可是他现在对幼儿园还没有多少概念,可能会害怕,也会出现哭闹现象,这都是正常的,需要家长做一些适当的引导。"我喜欢上幼儿园"系列丛书,包括《我守纪律》、《幼儿园里真快乐》、《我尿床了》、《勇敢才是好孩子》、《我第一》、《幼儿园里朋友多》。关注孩子的心灵世界,引导孩子喜欢上幼儿园! 本书为《我第一(适合3-6岁)》。

Book Titles:
Do It Yourself 自己的事情自己做
It Is So Happy In Kindergarten 幼儿园里真快乐
There Are So Many Friends in Kindergarten 幼儿园里朋友多
I Am Disciplined 我守纪律
I Am Number One 我第一
I Am Not Picky 我不挑食
A Good Kid Is Brave勇敢才是好孩子
I Pee on Bed 我尿床了

Paperback, Simplified Chinese Characters, 20 pages/book, 8.8"x8.25"
Item: I Love To Go To Kindergarten
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