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Children's Manner Development Picture Book Series BLC495


Children's Manner Development Picture Book Series is a series of books teaching children about etiquette around the dinner table, around guests, and in other public places. Stories and illustrations give children a sense of the importance in learning proper etiquette and becoming a polite gentleman or lady.

2.图例清晰,内容简洁明了,为孩子们细致地讲解礼仪规范,提供很好的礼仪典范,也把错误的做法在图中展现出来,能够让小孩子们很好地理解礼仪的意义,帮助家长们把中国的小孩子们都培养成为懂礼貌的小绅士、小淑女。 3.用图画故事的形式为低龄孩子们讲解礼仪规范,比单纯的说教式的传授方式更直观,效果更明显。

Book Titles:
Public Space公共场所礼仪
Table Manner家庭餐桌礼仪
Borrow and Return借阅礼仪
Library Manner图书馆礼仪
Kindergarten Manner幼儿园礼仪
Guest Manner做客礼仪
Telephone Manner打电话礼仪
School Bus Manner乘校车礼仪
Restaurant Manner餐厅礼仪
Playground Manner操场礼仪

Paperback, Simplified Chinese characters, 24 pages/book, 10"x9.75"

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Item: Children's Manner Development Picture Book Series
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