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Learn to Love Yourself Series 2 (4 Books) BLC507


In this cumulative picture book, Elephant wants to swim in the pond, so he chases Hippo away. Hippo forces Lion to move so that he can get by, and Lion chases Leopard out of his favorite spot. Leopard forces Monkey out of the tree, and he runs to Mama, who advises him to stand up for himself. With her help, he tells Leopard, Don't you tell me what to do, this tree's big enough for two. Share it with me as a friend, don't be mean to me again. This rhythmic refrain is repeated as each animal, with the help of his new friends, stands up to the bigger bully until all of the creatures are playing together in the pond. The watercolor and charcoal spreads with digital techniques are inviting and simple while conveying the animals' fear and then remorse when confronted. The predictable recurring text makes this a good read-aloud and a helpful way to introduce the topic to children.


Book Titles:
Jungle Bullies不要随便欺负我
Do Not Order Me不要随便命令我
Do Not Mock Me不要随便嘲笑我
Do Not Change Yourself不要随便改变自己

By Steve Kroll, Illustrated by Vincent Nguyen, Paperback, Simplified Chinese characters, 32 pages/book, 8"x11.25"
Item: Learn to Love Yourself Series 2 (4 Books)
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