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Dino Life Guides for Families (6 Books) BLC508


Dinosaurs, Beware
Approximately sixty safety tips are demonstrated by dinosaurs in situations at home, during meals, camping, in the car, and in other familiar places.
How to be a friend
Find out: * who can be your friend * how to show someone you would like to be friends * how to handle bosses and bullies * the best ways to be a friend and ways not to be a friend * ways to settle an argument with a friend.
Dinosaurs Travel
Whether you're traveling around the world or around the block, this is a book you won't want to be without!
When Dinosaurs Die: A Guide to Understanding Death
The authors explain in simple language the feelings people may have regarding the death of a loved one and the ways to honor the memory of someone who has died.
Dinosaurs Go Green!: A Guide to Protecting Our Planet
Kids will learn easy, practical ways to give back to the earth from these friendly, familiar dinosaur characters, including how to conserve natural resources, find new uses for old things, the ins-and-outs of recycling, tips for planting a tree, and much more. Parents and teachers will appreciate the Brown's message to children that, "Protecting our beautiful planet is a big job. Every one of us can help!"


Book Titles:
Dinosaurs, Beware安全最重要
How to be a friend快乐交朋友
Dinosaurs Travel一起去旅行
Dinosaurs Love Himself我爱我自己
When Dinosaurs Die死亡是什么
Dinosaurs Go Green学会爱地球

By Marc and Laurie Krasny Brown, Paperback, Simplified Chinese characters, 32 pages/book, 9"x9"
Item: Dino Life Guides for Families (6 Books)
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