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Express Myself BLC519


Building up communication skills and learning how to express emotions are important to a child's success as he or she grows up. Child Communication Book Series discusses some meaningful lessons on proper communication for a child through short stories. Completed with illustrations, this series is both enjoyable and educational.


Book Titles:
Don't Be Angry,Speak Softly 不要发脾气好好说
Word by Word Let's Say Hello 不要随便说要懂礼貌
Pay Attention and Listen Carefully 不要走神认真地听
Don't Hesitate,Speak Out 不要害羞勇敢地说
Don't be Afraid, Ask Bravely 不要害怕勇敢地问
Don't Panic, Say Decently 不要慌张得体地说
Don't Cry, Say Clearly 不要哭清楚地说
Don't be Impatient, Concentrate on Listening to the Words 不要急躁专心把话听完
Don't Think about the Answer Casually Say 不要随口就答想一下再说

Paperback, Simplified Chinese Characters, 24-29 pages/book, 6.75"x6"

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